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3D Shadowboxes


​Hand Soaps

​Mom's Stuff

​Death Star Disco Balls

​Holy Hand Grenades


While I love creating projects representing all genres, my particular favorite is making geek a little more chic.  Geeky and girlie, that's my favorite style!  When I go to shows I see lots of geek, but... well... where are the sparkly pink Star Wars things, or the glittery Tardis?  That's where I come in!

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send me an email - I do commissions! 

About Soft kitty crafts

Ever since I can remember I've been crafting!  After school projects, making Christmas gifts for my family, and taking a decade worth of ceramic classes.  I'm always tinkering with different materials and coming up with new projects.  Comic book shows seem to be a perfect outlet for my creative energy! 

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